Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 17

Niche Manufacturers, German AWD cars, & Newer Hatches in Wales, UK: Episode 17

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SEMA inspires the guys to talk about small-market, niche manufacturers who cater to track junkies or the super-rich.  Then, Paul & Todd debate AWD choices for Ben in MA, who has a passion for German cars.  And then we try our hand at the UK market for Mike in Wales, who has a long requirements list that notably avoids French cars.

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  • Eric Holzhauer

    Another great podcast! Love listening to you guys. What would you think about (especially with a name like Everyday Driver) a comparison test between more of the cars that everyday people can afford? For example...how about (new) cars in the $20-25k bracket...or in the $25k-30k region? Say, the Civic Si vs the Forte 5 turbo vs the Veloster turbo vs the Mazda 3s....or the Accord V6 vs Mazda 6 (i know there's no engine upgrade) vs Chrysler 200 V6 vs Sonata turbo? When the gods that be decide to double my paycheck i'll think about all those german cars, but a lot of people can't afford them...so personally, i'd love to hear a discussion of these! Thanks, guys.

  • Josh Jund

    They review a lot of cars like that on their YouTube channel. Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HUcnB1m6ikM