Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 44

Paul's Debate Cont'd, Inconsistent Buying Resources, Your Next Track Car: Episode 44

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You’ve written to us with great suggestions!  Paul is considering many ideas, and continues the conversation with Todd to begin the process of narrowing down.  Todd then brings up great points about buying guide discrepancies for both buyers and sellers, and the guys discuss their own findings.  Finally, Craig in SF is quite open to his next track car, so what should it be?

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  • Noah B

    I think one car that was maybe missed for craig could be the new Shelby GT350 and GT350R. They've been priced incredibly affordable, with a 350 starting at 49,995 including destination and such, and the GT350R starts at 63,495. http://www.hpkings.com/ford-will-price-2016-gt350-47870-gt350r-at-61370/

  • Noah B


  • raul cruz

    How long is Craig going to be in SF any special events going to meet listeners?

  • raul cruz

    My mistake I read it as Paul being in SF my mistake.

  • Everyday Driver

    Raul... you and your CTS-V wagon are on our list of possible cars if we come to SF to shoot some fast blasts... We will definitely have to meet up!