Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 80

Scion Is Dead; Small Cars No More; What Do Mechanics Drive?

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Toyota has killed off the Scion brand.  Is our long-term FR-S now worth less, or is it more valuable?  Neil in CA is selling his 2014 Focus ST, looking for a larger fun car for his larger fun family.  Ben in the UK is a mechanic, engaged, with a baby on the way, looking to join adulthood but still wanting to be a car guy…

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  • Donald Smith

    They killed off a "chic" car. Not really going to miss that under powered thing. Quite frankly, I cant stand cars that have those stupid plastic engine covers hiding how pitiful the engine bay looks. What do you guys think? Why are car manufactures doing this now? Do they serve any purpose other than aesthetic reasons?

  • Abel Stearns

    What do they like? Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro is HUUUGE on the inside (Or T25 syncro in Europe) 4x4 can be got for 30gs in the USA, and quite a bit cheaper in Europe. Or 2WD with a decent motor conversion can be had within that budget. It's a lot older, but is 50-50 weight distribution and rear wheel drive. LSD can be had too, and 200 cubic feet on the interior. But, not any real options prior to 2013. Womp womp.