Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 1

Subaru WRX or Fiesta ST: Episode 1

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The guys discuss their inaugural podcast!  Topics include how "Everyday Driver" started and their personal fantasy garages.  Plus, the first Car Debate to help our viewer Davis find the best car.  We wrap up by answering the viewer FAQ about where we get our cars for the show.  Subscribe on iTunes for new episodes every Tuesday!

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  • Gavin Pouquette

    Awesome pilot episode guys! Keep up the great work!

  • Eric Holzhauer

    You guys are in mid-season form already! Great episode! Love that you guys discuss without arguing, listen to each other's opinions whether you agree with it or not, you're not crude so anyone can listen, but you're still enthusiastic and i can tell you love cars, etc. Can't wait to hear more. Here's my question...i'm coming off of a lease soon. I'm driving a 2012 Kia Optima SX turbo at the moment. Don't think i need that much size, ideally i'm kinda hoping they build the GT4 Stinger...but considering anything fun in the $250-300/month range for leases (with nothing down). Considering Forte 5 turbo...maybe Focus ST (not really a ford guy), maybe GTI, not really sure. Can't someone build an affordable RWD sporty car? The Toyobaru (Subayota?) twins aren't powerful enough. Turbo 4 or maybe V6? I do live in upstate NY where we get a good chunk of snow in the winters. sometimes. Had an Infiniti G in the past, but can't afford a new one. Any discussion would be awesome. Thank you!

  • ep hines

    Great show guys, keep it up!

  • Shobin Drogan

    Wish this was an hour long doe, but im just happy the fact it exists!

  • Kevin Gee H

    HI guys! Love the youtube channel; all your videos, keep up the great work. After listening to your advice for one of your fans about the WRX or Fiesta ST, I had a question of my own. My father works on the road a lot, he travels all over north america, mostly New York state, Michigan, Massachusetts, Quebec, Ontario etc.. He lives in Montreal, Qc, Canada and my question is what car would you recommend which is fun to drive, considerably economical, and reliable for long distance driving as well as sufficient to winter driving! He currently has a Highline Golf TDI wagon but is considering another vehicule!

    Thanks again

  • Daniel Martinez

    Love the show!

  • Noah B

    My top 3 fantasy garage would have to be:
    Koenigsegg Agera R (or One:1)
    Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe + Brabus equipment (when it comes out) (Cannot decide between this or a Rolls-Royce Wraith, would probably go S65 though)
    '63 Split Rear Window Stingray, full resto-mod/pro-touring, maybe, have the body on a shortened C7 chassis or something like that. Equipped with a built LS7, maybe even stroked/bored to 7.3-7.5L. All naturally aspirated.

  • Noah B

    So my question is, I've got about 85K CAD to spend, so 70,250 in the U.S. after taxes, exchange etc. And am looking for a summer sports car that I can just throw up on my lift during the winter. I am looking at both used and new cars, trying to go under 30-35,000 miles for a used vehicle.
    Here are pretty much my only restraints:
    I love a manual transmission as well, so if that's an option I'll opt out of the auto, and I don't like convertibles, I'll only buy a coupe or targa. And also my spouse won't allow me to buy anything American, so no C7 or C6 ZR1, and also, she despises the GT-R's looks, so I can't get one of those.
    This car is pretty much supposed to be a toy that I can drive everyday during the summer, but should inclement weather occur I'll just keep it at home and have no issues. I also looked at a supercharged Ariel Atom, so really, nothing is off the table. But you should know that I'm importing it into Canada, so a few cars aren't allowed over the border, like Lotus', Caterham, etc.