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Episode 88

Tesla Model 3 Revealed

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Not an April Fool's joke--the Tesla Model 3 has been presented by Elon Musk!  The guys devote an entire podcast to this new car, after watching the live online reveal.  Then promptly ranting and raving about all things the 3 can be (or will be in the future), they discuss what this car means to the world.

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  • Demos Thenes

    Hey guys, you should run your podcast live and do some kind of live feed so we can interject in the conversation, it might help with content and flow!

  • Demos Thenes

    You're missing a critical element, it isn't that Elon is a visionary leader and that's why people aren't more excited about the Bolt. Tesla carefully position their cars to compete in the class they inhabit. The Model S isn't as swanky on the interior, but it's faster and just as stylish as the S Class. When the Model 3 comes out, it's going to go toe to toe with the BMW 3 series, because that's what you can get at the price point. The Bolt is another compromise and people know it.