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Episode 81

TGUK Announces Hosts; Skoda, Opel or ??; Sell Your Pride & Joy

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Top Gear UK has announced their hosting lineup for the newly re-vamped show.  Adam in Poland is a die-hard BMW enthusiast; he writes asking for suggestions that will fit many needs for his growing family.  Wayne in RI is moving to GA, and owns a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  He loves the car, and has put a lot of money and effort into it, but is wondering about what's next.

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  • Tyler Houts

    One car that came to mind for Adam in Poland is the Ford Focus ST Estate (I'm assuming it's available in Poland as it is in the majority of Europe):


    This would provide him with a lot of versatility/cargo room for family-duty and would still be a laugh on a back road...plus it's likely within budget and should prove reliable, especially with a warranty; something to consider!