Everyday Driver Car Debate
Episode 139

To Truck Or Not To Truck For Paul M., An Adulthood Purchase For Weston; Accidentally All BMW

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Paul M. in Indiana is a truck owner considering a fun car!  Should he keep the truck or sell it?  Then, Weston in northern WI is graduating college and looking for a fun, reliable car for a 100+ mile daily commute.  The podcast accidentally turns to all things BMW, including a futuristic scenario from Paul and great Facebook questions covering best minivan ever, how to trim BMW’s product lineup; and cars that are still timeless and perfect…

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  • Nick Mburu

    This episode was hilarious! (especially when Paul was describing the upcoming BMW 5 series). You guys always do a great job and this episode was extraordinarily funny. Keep up the entertainment and good content.

  • Everyday Driver

    Thanks Nick! Really glad to have you with us.