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Episode 51

Turbos vs. Natural Aspiration, Truck + Fun Car, AWD Family Cars: Episode 51

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Turbo engines vs. natural aspiration are always factors in CAFE regulations--they definitely affect the design and construction, but how do they relate to driving dynamics?  The guys aren't really that into trucks, but Kerry in Oklahoma City needs one and wants a fun car too.  Also, Davor in Chicago is looking for a new family car, but he writes that it might need to be AWD, so Todd & Paul discuss some good options for him.

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  • Albert Chang

    awesome podcast as always
    the turbo lag talk kinda reminds me of those hybrid supercars like the Porsche 918 and Acura NSX(haha), where they employ electric motors to provide that off-the-line torque until the turbos spool up and kick in. along this same train of thought, my '05 Prius utilizes the same concept as the supercars mentioned above, save for the uber-powerful turbocharged engines. The electric motor scoots you off the line, until the torque-absent Atkinson Cycle gasoline engine kicks in. No shame in some self promotion :^)

  • Dave Rendon

    Great podcast! I always wish they were longer lol Got my first turbocharged car at 21 in 1995. I got hooked on boost and turbo cars have always been my personal preference. I am on my 6th turbo car now. I love the thrust that turbo cars offer. Superchaged is nice too but I kind of like the lag and then the sledgehammer kick. Supercharged to me seems a little more linear. Throttle response seems to be a bit better on superocharged cars. Another benefit is the oiling system. Superchargers generally have their own oil that is separate from the engine. Turbo cars have oil lines that feed to the turbo and a return to go back to the oil pan. Just keep your oil clean and let it run for a bit before turning it off if you've been driving it hard. If you like to totally change the characteristics of a turbo car, just add a little boost. On a superchaged car it's a pulley change. I just tighten or loosen the rod on the wastegate on my ride. Manual boost controllers are even easier. My favorite thing about turbo cars is going up steep hills. An NA car wouldn't stand a chance against a turbo car in a steep hill situation. Anyway, love the show guys!