Everyone Racers
Episode 138

E1R 138 Sim and Meat Space Coaching with Tyler Hoffman

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In this Formula One episode 138, Jeff stops using Roundup, Mental puts an engine hoist in the Mercedes, Chrissy starts a shipping service, Chris does plumbing during the show, and Tyler Hoffman blows off an iRacing league to stay with us.   Really, we are thrilled to have pro racing driver, iRacer, and real/sim driving coach Tyler Hoffman here to tell us how we can all get better, both in real and virtual worlds.


Tyler Hoffman Racing

Ranger Road Veterans Organization 

Ranger Road at LeMons

A Corvette Offer You Shouldn't Refuse

Corvette withdraws from Lemans

Daring Greatly Racing’s  Layla (6 year old race car tour)

Moot Point Cheap Thermocouple

Alan (From Garage Heroes) and his Mask Making Group 

Hamsa shows you how to make masks

Shields, Nitrile Gloves

Lucky Dawg Sim Racing  

Champcar Iracing

Track Night America!

E1R YouTube

E1R Bingo

Lucky Dog Racing

24 Hours of LeMons


World Racing League

American Endurance Racing

LeMons Rally


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