Everyone Racers
Episode 141

E1R 141 Meatbags Touch the Machine with Hamsa Linsky

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In this Starlifter episode 141, Jeff makes a mess with his caulk, Chrissy gets rear ended by Donnie, Chris is sick of sanding, and Hamsa cites Milspec 17.24.  Really, we have Hamsa on as a guest host while Mental is away and we go waaaaay down the rabbit hole on human factors and systems engineering, which means how to setup your race car in a way that makes it easier to drive and lets the driver put their energy and attention where it matters.  


Hamsa’s Reference Materials

The Design of Everyday Things

Flaw of Averages

The end of average

The end of average 2

DoD Design Criteria Standard

End of the RR/Bentley V8

Good drill bits cheap

Moot Point Cheap Thermocouple

Hamsa shows you how to make masks

Lucky Dawg Sim Racing  

Champcar Iracing

Track Night America!

E1R YouTube

E1R Bingo

Lucky Dog Racing

24 Hours of LeMons


World Racing League

American Endurance Racing

LeMons Rally


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