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Episode 155

E1R 155 Racing Different Styles for Class Domination

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In this Alfa Romeo episode of our podcast, 155, Mental is on the Road, Jeff thins the herd, while Chris and Chrissy work on their Tan!  No Really we talk about different race driving styles that you need to know when running in a multiclass race and how to maximize your chances of class domination.


NY Times Article on Lemons - https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/03/business/electric-race-cars-24-hours-of-lemons.html

16 year old breaks slalom record in a Porsche 

Mental and some other dude are running 2 different 24 hour races

Lemons Rally on Insta

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24 Hours of Lemons

Lucky Dawg Racing

World Racing League 

American Endurance Racing


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