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Episode 209

E1R 209 Preview of the Butt and Stickie Outie Things

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In this blowy-uppy Subaru episode S209, Chrissy doesn’t get dehydrated, Chris talks about the sticky outty part, Mental tells us where to find some privacy, Jeff shows everyone his junk. Really we talk all about our race at Buttonwillow next weekend.   

https://www.iracing.com/iracing-partners-with-mercedes-amg-petronas-f1-team-to-build-multiple-world-class-racing-vehicles/ - AMG F1 Coming to iRacing

https://jalopnik.com/2021-mustang-mach-e-recalled-due-to-risk-of-roof-fallin-1847723286 - Mustang Mach E Roofs are falling off

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