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Episode 217

E1R 217 Poor Automotive Decision Making - E1R Story Time!

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In this Sochiro Honda episode 217, solder drips on Jeff’s leg while driving, Mental changes everything but the alternator, Chrissy sold her limo, and Chris falls through the floor of his MGB.  Really, we talk all about some of our terrible automotive decisions of the past, laugh at our mistakes!


https://www.caranddriver.com/acura/integra - The New Integra is here!

https://m.lndg.page/nPrNSg?sre=9NVNY4TkEpyR4 - Vote for Chrissy to be in the CarChix Calendar!


https://www.autoblog.com/2021/05/19/legalize-adaptive-driving-beams-opinion/ - Adaptive Headlights are here and legal now

https://jalopnik.com/f1-could-potentially-host-its-first-race-at-a-construct-1848066642 - F1 Track not yet done, but they race this weekend

https://garageheroesintraining.com/survive-the-25/ - Jeff is Battling the bulge and you could too!

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