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Episode 218

E1R 218 - Our Famous Annual Gearhead Gift Giving Guide

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In this Bugatti sedan episode 218, Jay from Ranger Road stops in, Jeff is on a milk carton, Chrissy preps for the whack-a-mole championship, Mental has a new microphone, and Chris leaves Jeff a message.  Really, we talk all about our annual gift idea list, for gearheads, their friends, and their poor families.  

The Gifts!

Racing Junk’s Gift Page;


Appropo for us; I was just going to add this!


Tiny tuner enamel pins and rubber keychains;


90s Nissan & Toyota inspired stickers & keychains;


Porsche Punx accessories;


Led Wide-Beam Headlamp, SEVENKA 2 Pack Rechargeable Headlamp Flashlight, Headlamp

Blazepod...for the future f1 driver


Apex pro! https://apextrackcoach.com/

  • Free suction cup mount with the GHiT Code of “ghitlikesapex”

LED light rechargeable  LED light

Icon ratchet (gold or not) for actually using : Icon ratchet

Home Depot Husky 270 piece mechanics set - $99 ($100 off) in store only


Brake caliper compressor with magic cube attachments: 

Caliper compressor

Hanperal Universal Magnetic Gauge Tool for Camber/Castor Strut Wheel Alignment


Racechick Apparel :https://www.racechick.com/collections/womens-apparel-1 

Hagerty shop has lots of good stuff: Shop

Especially this year’s christmas sweater: Delorean

Battery tender: Battery tender

Quality instant read tire pressure gauge: Longacre

Loctite Sticks: Sticks

New Pig's Original Gray Mat Roll | Oil Mats for Garage Floor


Valentine One: https://www.valentine1.com


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