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Episode 101

E1R E101 - Going faster part 3 of 5? Vision

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In this room in 1984 episode, 101, Mental overheats his laptop, Jeff hits a Miata during a yellow flag, Chrissy chases the red dot, and Chris starts a trailer dealership.  Really, we talk all about vision on track. Where are you looking? Where should you be looking? Why does it matter? How can you get better?  


GoFundMe for Aaron

Racers 360 on vision

Jeff’s Vision Meme

Rally Pilot Follow the Dot Gaze

Jesse Combs, Automotive Legend 

Jessie Combs, 24 Hr of Lemons

Jalopnik Cheaty VWs

NYT Cheaty VWs

Tesla Solar Panel factory is not good

Haggerty's Greatest Racing Movies

New Land Rover Defender

Tony Swan Never Say Die Race

Spank's Camper on IG

NASA Endurance Series

E1R YouTube

E1R Bingo, https://mfbc.us/m/chgzx4

Lucky Dog Racing

24 Hours of LeMons


World Racing League

American Endurance Racing

www.XXSpeed.com save 25% with code EveryoneRacers

LeMons Rally


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