Everyone Racers
Episode 28

E1R E28: How to have fun with themes

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In this unbelievable episode, Eric Rood joins us with a newspaper, Jeff talks about wearing a gimp suit, Mental doesn't use his teacher voice, Chrissy dances Gangnam Style, and Chris wears a Monocle.  Really, we talk through the 4 categories of themes to help your team have a brand identity and have fun at the track.  Special guest Eric Rood tells us about Hooptiecon this weekend and gives his special insight on themes from being a Lemons judge.  


Links from this week: 

The Tempe Police have since walked back the comment saying “We don’t determine fault”


Motorsports Safety Foundation has started its level II certifications graduating instructors.


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Our rendition of Gangnam Style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xowINE_aug  




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