Everyone Racers
Episode 32

E1R E32 - Our picks for worst tracks, part 2/2

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In this precision crafted episode, we learn that Mental doesn't mind pooping in the dark, Jeff gets shaken down by track management, Chrissy squats in Jay Lamm's trailer at Chuckwalla, and Chris hates on Harley riders.  Really, this is part 2 of our track series where we discuss all of the worst stories and experiences we have had at tracks.  Which track has the worst layout, worst paddock, worst bathrooms, etc, find out here!  We have lots of embedded listener feedback, lots of "Whatcha Working On" as the season is starting, and just the tip about getting ready for a new track. 


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Uber drivers are not employees: http://www.thedrive.com/news/20098/federal-judge-rules-that-uber-drivers-are-contractors-not-employees 

Pooping at Buttonwillow: http://www.trackhq.com/forums/attachments/f90/6453d1386346517t-those-who-have-been-buttonwillow-1480693_10102843981654797_149022315_n.jpg



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