Everyone Racers
Episode 33

E1R E33 - Cheating!

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In this litty episode, everyone quotes Smoky Yunick, Jeff uses his announcer voice, Mental's internet is bad, Chrissy raves over Curt's butt, and Chris ruins Jeff's false identity.  We talk all about cheating, how people have cheated, when cheating is OK, when it isn't and how to do it properly.  We have lots of stories and listener feedback on this fun topic. 


Show notes: 

Xtreme Xperience: http://xxspeed.com

Honda is teaching young people to drive stick … this is gods work, please go buy a honda with three pedals!!!  http://www.thedrive.com/news/20271/honda-is-teaching-the-next-generation-how-to-drive-stick

Skip Barber is back and Operational in the North East Coast … http://skipbarber.com/

Hella Sweet/ButtTerrible  https://bimmian.com/Accessories-for-BMW/Decals/Emblems/Raised-Tire-Lettering/





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