Everyone Racers
Episode 37

E1R E37 - What to do when the S hits the fan on track

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Episode 37 is peculiar: Mental takes a nap, Jeff watches a movie, Chris installs a lamp, and Chrissy dodges some angry birds.   Really, we talk about what to to on track when something goes wrong, as if it hasn't gone wrong yet, it will eventually!



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Jack baruth just published an excellent piece on what to do when it goes wrong


5 Principles for safe driving: https://www.platinumdrivers.com/smith-system-andprinciples-of-safe-driving/

 Great article for top 10 driving emergencies and how to handle them! https://www.edmunds.com/driving-tips/how-to-survive-the-top-10-driving-emergencies.html  



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