Everyone Racers
Episode 40

E1R E40 - Picking a race car, Live from C&C Mahem factory

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In this Supery Dupery episode (40!), live from the C&C Mahem Factory, Mental has an iron butt, Jeff thinks his green shirt makes him look fat, Chrissy has arts and crafts time, and Chris isn't allowed to have another Civic.  We also talk about how to pick out a race car for your own series, including how we picked out our new 300ZX.  We also discuss news and notes, what we are working on, race results, smooth jazz with Mental, and hella sweet or butt terrible for Jeff's Miata.  



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Driverless Car hits person(s)Story …. This time a historical jaunt by none other than Friend of the Three Pedal Mafia and legitimate Auto Journliast Brett Berk http://www.thedrive.com/vintage/6797/the-untold-history-of-the-first-driverless-car-crash-part-


You thought it was a NUMMI … Turns out I’m just still just NUMMI



Lemans women: Christina Nielson who was looking to win the #80 LMGTE AM class, not sure if they won, but it was nice to see there was one woman, which is not enough!!



R&T Baruth Safety Story: 


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