Everyone Racers
Episode 41

E1R E41 - Exploiting depreciation with Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse

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In this Hoon-Tastic episode, Jeff is 20 minutes late, Mental is a fan boy, Chrissy share her VW shame, Chris cracks the whip, and Jeff Glucker wonders what he got himself into.  We have the pleasure of having a special guest, Jeff Glucker of Hooniverse, who will certainly never come back.  Really, we talk about how to explit depreciation and our favorite cars to do so that we have enjoyed.  We also talk about what what we are working on, news and notes, race updates, and just the tip!  


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Bimbo’s Gas Food and Fireworks in Lenoir City Tennessee


Pad Knockback … We talked about it here so I wanted to bring it up and get the link out in our show notes… https://nasaspeed.news/tech/brakes/pad-knock-back-what-it-is-how-it-happens-and-what-to-do-about-it/   









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