Everyone Racers
Episode 50

E1R E5-Oh : Cathy from Lucky Dog is amazing

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In this “ragtop down so my hair can blow” episode 5-Oh, Mental geeks out about Mexico, Jeff sits alone in a closet, Chrissy loudly eats gumy bears, Chris calls out Jeff's need for a big tool, and Cathy loses her mind and gives away a free entry.   Really, we are thrilled to have Cathy from Lucky Dog Racing with us to talk all about her series and why itis so cool, and we all are in full agreement after talking to her about it and you will be too.  



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Lucky Dog Racing: https://www.racelucky.com

Flocktoberfest! Email us at info@Flock-Toberfest.com Link in show notes!



This F350 for Jeff:






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