Everyone Racers
Episode 54

E1R E54: Making the sausage of running a race series with Cathy from Lucky Dog

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In this Disco-tastic episode, Studio 54, Mental gets ready to die and whines, Jeff stares at a grown man crying, Chrissy and Chris left the show, then didn’t, and special guest Cathy McCause-Fuss gets hassled by Bill Fischer and everyone he knows.  Really though, we are thrilled to have Cathy back on to talk about Flocktoberfest, putting race schedules together, and announcing the winner of her giveaway for a free race entry!


Lucky Dog Racing: https://www.racelucky.com

Flocktoberfest! Email us at info@Flock-Toberfest.com


Xtreme Xperience: www.XXSpeed.com save 25% with code EveryoneRacers

Porterfield Brakes:  https://www.porterfield-brakes.com


24 Hours of Lemons:  www.24hoursoflemons.com


The 70s Called and They Want their RV back videos:


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