Everyone Racers
Episode 55

E1R E55 - Are racing laws smart or dumb?

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In this “I can’t drive Episode 55”, Jeff takes bath salts and his clothes off, mental squeals like a small child and feeds a stray dog again, Chrissy is ready to stickerbomb Radwood, and Chris flips off Mental and talks political science.  Really, we talk about laws that involve racing and how the come about and how they are either good or bad, and then what we can do about them. We also talk about race results and upcoming races this week, news and notes, and on the spot about Mental’s broken Boxster.


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Elon still out as Chair but now a 40 million fine, Alex Roy chimes in https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-28/tesla-enlists-employees-to-be-full-self-driving-beta-testers




Alex Roy posted a shot of a blue M6 with lots of state stickers and lots of antenna saying “Guess Whos gonna be at Radwood Philly” … so it’s possible a cross country record attempt is happening right now … good luck to all involved.




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