Everyone Racers
Episode 63

E1R E63: GD Yo Man and the Atlanta-Not Scrotium-Race Pre Show

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On this six point three episode, Chris gets fat, Chrissy speaks bad spanglish, Jeff gropes the GD Yo Man, and Mental gets a visit from karma via recording softare while special guest The GD Yoman classes up our podcast with a cockfighting belt buckle. Actually Chris and Chrissy report from Air AMG traveling to Road Atlanta while Mental and Jeff discuss the history and advantages of racing with the G.D. Yoman.  Road Atlanta prep, paddock and last years highlights all discussed!


Tesla Interruption Technique

Uber Eats...literally http://www.thedrive.com/news/25263/ubereats-drivers-are-eating-customers-food-thanks-to-loophole-report-claims

25 Hours of Thunderhill

Rm Sotheby's Youngtimers dream auction

Black Iron Racing IG


The G.D. Yoman


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