Everyone Racers
Episode 67

E1R E67 - New Year's Resolutions!

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On 2019 episode dial star 67, Mental vibrates, Jeff shotguns a high life, Chrissy works on art projects, and Chris has a better radio voice than Jeff.  Really, we talk about our new year’s resolutions, and those of our listeners, and it actually turns into some really good discussion about racing and how to improve.  We also discuss news and notes, what we’re working on, and on the spot!


E1R Bingo, https://mfbc.us/m/w4f8cj

Lucky Dog Racing: https://www.racelucky.com

Xtreme Xperience: www.XXSpeed.com save 25% with code EveryoneRacers

Cars we lost in 2019 https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/research-guides/16-vehicles-we-lost-in-2018/ar-BBRrDqi?ocid=spartandhp

LeMons adds Rallys https://24hoursoflemons.com/lemons-rally/

24 Hours of Lemons: www.24hoursoflemons.com


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