Everyone Racers
Episode 93

E1R E93 - Black, round and hold air, yay for tires!

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In this FD RXY episode 93, Jeff tells Mental to shut up, Mental gets a flyby from an F22, Chrissy falls asleep during the main topic, and Chris feels some tires. Really, we actually talk about a boring but super important subject: Tires.  More than just round and black, these are your link to the track and everyone should have a basic+ understanding, so we try to do that.


Road & Track on 200 TR competition tires

Bently Turbo R on BaT

Peter Hughes on Davey G Johnson

YouTube Baby Bets on a Brown Fiesta

Peter Hughes and Davey G Johnson: “My God Is an Angry God


Car and Track Youtube Channel

E1R YouTube

Lucky Dog Fueling Video

E1R Bingo, https://mfbc.us/m/chgzx4

Lucky Dog Racing

24 Hours of LeMons


World Racing League

American Endurance Racing

www.XXSpeed.com save 25% with code EveryoneRacers

LeMons Rally


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