Everyone Racers
Episode 214

Hooptiefest in Hindsight; NHMS Review Show

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In this Bell Huey episode 214, Jeff wants to polish his helmet, Mental is Sass-Quatch, Chrissy can’t find the mute button, and Chris fails to impersonate Jeff.  Really, we talk all about our NHMS race this past weekend.  


Adam Owens, radio star, trivia master - https://www.facebook.com/adamowens84570 

Lemons Diecast cars! - https://hooniverse.com/johnny-lightning-is-making-diecast-lemons-racers/

Z06 Details -  https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/2023-corvette-z06-flat-plane-crank-v-8/

New Z06 Movie - https://youtu.be/vDFw1ndLhF8

 Biggest F1 Ever! - https://www.thedrive.com/accelerator/42867/the-2021-us-grand-prix-was-the-biggest-f1-race-ever

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