Episode 19

Dre Baldwin & Tarun Stevenson - Motivation for The New Year - Ep. 18

Justin Watson published on

Dre Baldwin is a professional basket player, entrepreneur, and author. He has amassed a huge YouTube channel, and social media following. Dre Baldwin was a pioneer in the sport channel section of YouTube and has been uploading for over 10 years.

Check Out Dre Baldwin here:  dreallday.com

Tarun Stevenson, is a John Maxwell certified development coach, that works with small businesses. He helps small businesses and small business owners, find their flaws and weaknesses so that they can work on building a better brand and stronger company. He’s also available to work with people that just need to talk about their aspirations and perhaps just need a sounding board.

Check Out Tarun’s website here:  leadcommunicategrow.com/growme

Free Gift Here:  leadcommunicategrow.com/growme

In sidebar we talk about Justin’s biggest YouTube inspirations which include, Cenk Uygur, and Philip Defranco, both of whom were able to establish thriving businesses based around their YouTube presence.

In Artist spotlight we feature a song by Singer – Songwriter, Bill Grima entitled “Pleasure to Have Met You”

Support Billy Grima Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/billy-grima/id733471542

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