Episode 1

Jacob of Ibattle2WinMc - The Disappointment in Destiny - Ep. 1

Justin Watson published on

For a Shorter Episode: youtu.be/9LqLW593kLg

Today our guest is Jacob and newer YouTube, who has been very busy and has not had the time to make a ton of videos. But that has not made him give up on making videos, or networking and promoting the videos he has done. Mainly doing first person shooters and Minecraft, Jacob, has found himself in a heavily over crowded area of Youtube, but he is not discouraged, he feels every commentator has their own unique-ness to them and that even if they all played the same game we will flock to whom we wanted to watch anyway.

Stefan and Justin embark on a mission to establish a platform where big and small online content creators can come together and talk about themselves and their aspirations with their online content.

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