Episode 17

Jim Sweeney - The Dingos are Coming for Us - Ep. 17

Justin Watson published on

Jim Sweeney is a professional blogger, podcaster, creator and entrepreneur. Jim runs a podcast call “Mike on Sports” which is super funny character “Mike Raffone”.   We also have a word of the week, an update on The Slowlist Network & it’s YouTube Channel. Also we talk about an obsession of the week, what talk about what is going on with Steven (Stefan) and finish off with Article of the week.

More about Our Guest:

“The witty and ever talkative MIKE has been in my DNA since birth, and I created MIKE to become a global sports brand that both entertains and positively impacts culture.

In time, I know MIKE will be seen on television, Jumbotrons and the web. Eventually, he'll rival the popularity of other timeless animated brands like Spongebob, Bart Simpson and Mickey Mouse. But in MIKE's case, he'll be the first ever animated sports brand that transcends all sports.

In the meantime, I've written 35 sports comic books through the voice of MIKE. The MIKE books are available at www.theemike.com and at www.amazon.com/author/mikeraffone

Thanks to Lawrence Gilmer, Thorne, & Hicks for their Cameos in this episode

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