Episode 2

Patrick of Katanawa55 - How to Get Away With High Fantasy - Ep. 2

Justin Watson published on

Shorter Episode: http://youtu.be/kjXDQU6bx0A

Today our guest is Patrick and he has a unique channel, which has just about everything you need. With videos ranging from vlogging, to gaming, to role playing Soren Wraithheart does more than your average Youtubers. He is not afraid to step out of the normal or what is considered “in” among the YouTube gaming community, which is evident with a series he did on his channel of Pokémon Stadium 2. With a dynamic personality and voice, Patrick aka Soren Wraitheart is a Youtuber to keep your eye on, and if none of this convinces you, subscribe to him just because of the epic name Soren Wraithheart. 

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