Episode 3

London to Buenos Aires - Surviving life as a Graphic Designer - James Eccleston

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This week I speak with a sucessful International Graphic Designer & Art Director : James Eccleston. 
I have known James since studying Graphic design in Manchester, UK.  It has been interesting to catch up with  James's story and how he has overcome struggles in an incredibly competitve and technology driven industry where typical only the top 10% compete for the most desirable design jobs in the UK. From climbing onto the ladder as humble and skint graphic designer in London to becoming an International Art Director with a team of assistants he has regularly encountered and dealt with stress and pressure from both clients, managers and colleagues.

Due to illness triggered by stress James decided to cut and run from a high powered Art Director role in London and travel the world on a soul searching mission, discovering the World outside of the London design bubble. His journey lead him to rediscover what he enjoyed about creativity and why he became a graphic designer in the first place - which was to deeply connect with people and express his ideas.

To find James and his work, please visit :- http:/

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