Episode 6

Mind and Body Connection the Natropathic Approach to Health & Well being - Dr. Aron Choi

Many Vices life in Crisis A human story published on

This week I meet with Dr Aron Choi - a Naturopathic Physician. We discuss his life journey touching on aspects of personality and motivation working at a silicon valley start up in the tech boom, to being forced into a position of redundancy during the financial crash and how he discovered his calling as a Naturopathic Doctor. In doing so he has helped dozens of people overcome stress related fatigue, symptoms and ailments without the use of drug prescriptions and medications. In doing so he has discovered the amazing powers that both the body and mind working in harmony with each other can stimulate both recovery and healing, bringing the mind body connection back into alignment. We chart Dr Aron's challenges, discoveries and intentions for his practice based in Atlanta, Washngton.

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