Episode 4

Travelling East to unlock the secrets of Chinese Medicine - Yakir Soloman - The Inner Gardener

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My guest today is Yakir Soloman, he is a Chinese medicine health practioner based out of Israel. He began life in a small village with a curiosity for Eastern philosophy, having read Shogun - a novel written by James Cavall set in Japan, he was inspired to search for the mysterious Qi energy, and unlock the magic that shrouds esoteric traditional asian medicine. Having studied Chinese Medicine in his home country for a number years he travelled east to begin a scholarship in Chongqing. He encountered significant difficulties as a foreign English speaking student especially communicating with tutors, doctors and hospitals and could only make direct oberservation. But he was still missing a piece in the puzzle. Becoming stressed a fatigued and isolated about his dream slipping away he steered is frustration and focused his motivation to find an experienced English speaking Practioner and mentor whom he studied under for the remainder of his stay. Returning to his home country with all the amazing knowledge he discovered he has set up his own practice to offer treatments to those suffering pain, imbalance, common ailments and stress related fatigue with treatments such as Acupunture and Acupressure. 

He is also the host of his very own podcast The Inner Gardener - publishing in both English and Hebrew, sharing ideas about traditional Chinese medicine and connecting with other practioners.

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