May 14th 2029

The night is at hand! All my years of research comes down to this very night, I have slaved away at these bodies for nights on end preparing them my pyros, one cannot imagine the hoops I had to leap threw to arrange this on this night. Freshness of parts matters a great deal you see. Not only were bodies an issue to acquire, but the various methods of preparation there were, it is said what works for one of us doesn’t work for the next, this is fact, just like a painter can’t recreate someone else’s work exactly nor can Azoth be given form the same way twice. That said there is something to be learned from other’s experiences, the comet approaches, the resulting firestorm will give all the energy I need, I just hope a few survive.

May 15th 2029

SUCCESS!!!! Sure I may have release a veritable wave of Pandorans on the countryside but these few Prometheans survived and that’s all I could have wanted. They have not awoken yet, so I still have much to do. That is likely the last firestorm though; I just hope we can salvage this nightmare we live in…

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