Fake Geek Girls
Episode 137

Animorphs Part One

Melissa Brinks published on

Body horror, anti-imperialism, and cinnamon buns—what more could you want? Let's talk about Animorphs, a foundational middle-grade series best known for traumatizing a generation of readers and being the butt of every joke about bad cover design. What exactly makes the series so special? Is this just all silly children's fare? And why were we all allowed to read this series without any oversight?

Warning: Contains swearing and discussions of suicidal ideation.

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Reading in Stealth, or My Life in Animorphs by Cassius Adair

Whatever Gets You Through Today: An Examination of Cynical Humor Among Emergency Service Professionals by Alison Rowe & Cheryl Regehr

"You Have to Save the Planet," He Said: Reading the Animorphs by Jason Earle, Sharon D. Kruse and Taylor P. Kruse

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Animorphs: The Grey Morality of 90s YA's Most Tragic Characters by Lord Ravenscraft

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