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Episode 47

Con Recap

Melissa Brinks published on
Welcome to episode 47, in which we do some housekeeping, con recap, and talk extensively about Overwatch. Like comics? Like games? Good, because we've got some hot new recommendations for both. Also, Merri's going to be on a panel at GeekGirlCon! Check it out here—it's the one on magical girls at 1:30 pm Saturday. Hope to see you there!

Warning: Merri asks a wildly inappropriate question about Rose and Greg from Steven Universe and we keep talking about Bitch Planet, so we've slapped an explicit warning on this one. It's a bit risqué.

What Missy's Been Up To:




Jonesy by Sam Humphries and Caitlin Rose-Doyle, Mickey Quinn, and Corey Breen
Finding Molly by Justine Prado and Jenn St-Onge (review forthcoming, but here's the Kickstarter and the webcomic)
Doctor Mirage by Jen Van Meter and Robert de la Torre

What Merri's Been Up To:


FEED by M. T. Anderson


Steven Universe



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Missy's PAX Con Diary
Hand of Fate 2
Open Sorcery
Burly Men at Sea
Thimbleweed Park
Werewolves Within
Taproot by Keezy Young
Cara McGee (I couldn't find her comics online for sale, but she's worth checking out regardless!)

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