Fake Geek Girls

Episode 3 - Friendship

Melissa Brinks published on

Missy and Merri discuss My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and the theme of friendship. Other discussions include struggling to pronounce ‘patriarchal,’ the difference in depictions of same-gender and different-gender friendships, and how threesomes are immensely preferable to love triangles. 

Just a quick note: we lost a good chunk of the beginning of this episode to Audacity’s fragile project file structure—sorry for the occasional choppy editing as we tried to trim it around the dropped sections to make some kind of sense. There may also be issues with the audio switching from left to right—we recommend not listening to this episode with only one headphone in as you may experience large sections of silence. We’re sorry, we think it's fixed now, but we've also thought that at least two other times.

Also: How did we do an entire episode on friendship and forget to discuss the paragon example of female friendship—Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins? We apologize for this grievous oversight.


Friday Afternoon Tea: Delicious geeky-themed tea. Bard’s Blend has SUGAR CRYSTALS in it. Sparkly tea, how can you go wrong?

Social Justice Class Buttons: These are not currently available, but this link to Chip's blog tells you a bit more about them and contains a link to the newsletter, which WILL tell you when they're available. Check them out, they're precious!

Brianna Wu: The Mary Sue has a couple of video interviews with Brianna Wu, a third woman from the video games industry to leave her home after threats. She’s one of the hosts of the awesome Isometric podcast, creator of Revolution 60, and an awesome advocate for women in tech.

Anita Sarkeesian/USU: It's worth checking out this Forbes article on the shooting threat at USU and GamerGate. 

Games Press Addressing GamerGate: EuroGamer, GameSpot, Rock Paper Shotgun, Polygon 



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