Fake Geek Girls
Episode 118

PAX West

Melissa Brinks published on

Ah, PAX West, a weekend of sheer exhilaration and many, many games. What did we play during the convention? Who did we talk to? Let's find out!

If you'd like to get right to our interview with Nina Freeman, skip to around 56:00. If you'd like to get right to our interview with Brianna Fromont, skip to around 1:17:00. 

Some Links You Might Find Interesting:

What big publishers can learn about representation from small games by Meg Jayanth

What We Played:

  • Backbone

  • Mutazione

  • Frog Detective 2

  • Graveyard Keeper

  • Wattam

  • Softly With Teeth

  • Wooden Nickle

  • Calico

  • Spiritfarer

  • We Met in May

  • Telling Lies

  • Pokemon Shield

  • Best Friend Forever

  • Cook Serve Delicious 3

  • Elsinore

  • Neon Noodles

  • Tinted

  • Sayonara Wild Hearts

  • Wanderlust: Travel Stories

  • Touch Typing Tales

  • Errant Kingdom

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