Fake Geek Girls
Episode 70

Sexual Harassment in the Geek Community

Melissa Brinks published on
We're back to the serious stuff in episode 70, talking about sexual harassment in the geek community. Why does our area of interest tend to have such a high instance of sexual harassment? How can we stop it?

Warning: Some of this conversation may be triggering for certain listeners. Nothing is discussed in too much detail, but it's better to be safe than sorry. We also swear, because this is a topic best suited for adults.

Mistakes: Missy goofed up the quote by Jay Edidin about 200 different ways, both by accidentally pasting it twice in the outline and not attributing it once, and then, as a result, misquoting it because she thought she wrote it. The actual quote is, "When you see harassment and abuse, and you are in a position to call it out and effect actual consequences, and you don’t, you don’t get to be a good guy anymore. You have become part of the problem. You are why this shit persists–every fucking bit as much as the people perpetrating it."

What Missy's Been Up To:


Spider-Man: Homecoming


What Remains of Edith Finch


House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones
Elements: Fire edited by Taneka Stotts

What Merri's Been Up To:


Game of Thrones

Listening To:

The Adventure Zone

Some Links You Might Find Interesting:

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Hurting Your Fans by Apple Cider
Unmasking The Cosplay Community’s Sexism And Racism Problem by Tai Gooden
Comics Guys, Harassment, and Missing Stairs by Jay Edidin

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