Fake Geek Girls
Episode 19

Steven Universe

Melissa Brinks published on

We’re back with episode 19, discussing our favorite cartoon of the moment: Steven Universe! We’re talking about representation, flawed characters, the importance of children’s media, and our fan theories (or lack thereof). 

What Missy's Been Up To:


  • The Reptile Room and The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket
  • Aimless Love by Billy Collins
  • Drawn to Marvel, edited by Bryan D. Dietrich and Marta Ferguson
  • Absolute Sandman Vol. 2 by Neil Gaiman, et al.
  • Power Up! Issue #1 by Kate Leth and Matt Cummings


  • The Magic Circle
  • Life is Strange Episode 4

What Merri's Been Up To:


  • The Wicked + The Divine


  • Arrow season 2
  • Gravity Falls

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