Fake Geek Girls
Episode 110

The Last Unicorn

Melissa Brinks published on

Beauty is truth, truth beauty, and also unicorns. Welcome to our discussion of Peter S. Beagle's classic The Last Unicorn, in which we also bring in Keats and Plato because there's layers upon layers upon layers to this story, and we want to devour them like a delicious, buttery croissant.

Warning: While there's nothing extremely explicit, early on we make references to a tree's giant breasts and phallic shape. Just, you know. Normal things. Merri also says that Molly is "pissed off."

Some Links You Might Find Interesting:

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Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats
Literature and the Child: Romantic Continuations, Postmodern Contestations by James Holt Mcgavran
An Introduction to Plato's Theory of Forms
Platonic Forms and Unicorns: Plato's Philosophy in Peter S.Beagle's The Last Unicorn by Jade Donigan
The Anti-Consolatio: Boethius and "The Last Unicorn" by Alexandra Hennessey Olsen
Two Forms of Metafantasy by George Aichele, Jr.
Fantastic Paradox: Secondary Belief and Peter S. Beagle’s Metafantasy The Last Unicorn by Marilyn Kamp
Phantasy as Deconstruction by Karen Michalson

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