False Neutral
Episode 46

Raiders of the Lost ATV Motors

Projectard published on

Several things happened in our workshops this week, so we update each other on our project bikes. Garrett delt with Nighthawk wiring issues and missing pieces inside the engine. Thanks to Garrett's help, Bultakenstein might get some new parts fast-tracked. Things remain too cold in Eric's Michigan garage, so he's working on vintage audio equipment instead. We preview the topic for next week's show, which brings us back around to two-strokes, tiny Wankel engines, fantasy engine layouts, and finally updating the formula for our faux-Italian tiddler to include the engine out of the Yamaha Blaster ATV.

Our question for you this week: Do you do your own work, pay to have your bikes maintained and repaired, or divide those tactics somewhere in between? Where you do draw the line?

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