Fight Me!
Episode 14

We Shall Be The Space Kings

Rob Miller published on

Episode 14 is out of this world! (get it? Because we talk about space in this one). 


Topics include "Space Exploration: Private v Public", "Dr. Abby Schroering* Presents: Animals In Art And Why That's Terrible", and of course our hypothetical deathmatch "Inio** Montoya v Will Turner!"

(the artist Abby can't remember the name of that does the pieces with rescued lab rats is Kathy High, the piece in question is titled Embracing Animal) 


* Abby Schroering is not a doctor, but she plays one on t.v.***

** His name is Inigo, but Abby doesn't know that. She originally thought it was Diego. 

*** She does not play one on t.v.

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