Figuring It Out With Anthony Pham

Episode 7

Quynh Ava talks education, America On Track, Swimsuit Modeling & more!

Anthony Pham published on

What's up everybody! We are back with Episode 7! We got to talk to my good friend Quynh about how it was like growing up having to move 18 times and how she was able to adapt to new environments. We talk about how she found her passion, misconceptions about models, DJ-ing, her own swimsuit named after her. I apologize in advance for the loud sound in the back, did the best I could to minimize the AC blowing onto the mic but nonetheless enjoy! 


1:13 What is your story?
6:40 Quynh talks about moving often as a kid and how she had to adapt in new settings
10:11 Quynh talks about how she found her passion
13:55 Quynh talks about KAOHS Swim and how she became the brand manager
17:17 Quynh talks about her first job
25:04 Quynh talks about America On Track, a non-profit organization
32:23 We talk about what the public education system is missing
35:57 Anthony talks about teachers that made an impact on his life 
37:38 Quynh talks about dealing with misconceptions as a runway model 
42:27 Quynh talks about making friends
46:11 We talk about Academy of DJ's and where we are in our course
56:51 How does one become a model?
59:24 Quynh talks about n
1:03:08 Quynh talks about how she dealt with comparing herself with people
1:06:50 Quynh talks about how she deals with failure
1:10:18 Quynh gives advice to her 12 year-old self/ last advice

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