Fitex, short for fitness experiences, is exactly that!

My name is Conor Williams and this podcast aims to share personal experiences surrounding the health and fitness industry. I am a peronal trainer and I have learnt a lot of lessons over the years both before I was a trainer and after qualifying. By sharing my personal experiences I want to provide as much value as I can so that you can move closer towards your own health and fitness goals. The goal of each episode is to cover different subjects surrounding the stuggles that people might face when trying to reach their goals by refering back to my own fitness experiences.

The health and fitness industry is forever evolving, which means my knowledge and experiences will evolve as well. There may be certain topics that I personally have not had much experience in or studied in great detail. This is one of the main points I want to continuously bring up during the episodes. I WANT YOU TO JOIN ME in my journey as I share my expereinces past, present and future with you to ultimately help you progress!