FlowReal's Hangry and Horny Podcast

Episode 1

Talking Stories #001 : Bad Boy In A Good Way w/ Vince "The Odd Fella" Cucolichio

Tone Floreal published on

Vincent "The Odd Fella" Cucolichio - Bad Boy In A Good Way Vinnie has always been a non-conformist his entire life of 85 years - always questioning everything. He shares stories of his upbringing in San Francisco while going through the 1930s Depression with his immigrant Italian family. Always a troublemaker, he manages to maintain his non-conformity despite the military's attempt to indoctrinate him. Follow along as Mr. Cucolichio tells incredible and funny stories about his early life, and his 18 months tour of duty on Guam, a small island in the South Pacific. 

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