FlowReal's Hangry and Horny Podcast

Episode 4

Talking Stories #004 : Pineapple Olive of New York Real

Tone Floreal published on

An artist, musician and actress, Olive Hui is also the founder and host of New York Real TV. She was challenged by London Real's founder, Brian Rose, to start her own Real. Now over ten episodes and growing, she's has interviewed rock star, Andrew W.K. to End of Life Doula, Suzanne B. O'Brien. In this episode of Flow Real, Olive talks about growing up in a religious family in Hong Kong, overcoming an eating disorder and moving to New York City to gain her independence and identity. Perhaps for the first time in television history, Olive calls out the Flow State during the filming of her own interview on Flow Real TV?!! Make no mistake, Pineapple Olive KNOWS Flow.

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