FlowReal's Hangry and Horny Podcast

Episode 8

Talking Stories #008 : The Spiritual Gangster w/ Gaile Lynn

published on

"Gangsta G" ~ Gaile Lynn has studied religion, philosophy, Socratic methods, tantra, yoga, metaphysics, energy medicine, plant medicine, and multiple healing techniques. She has also traveled to sacred sites around the world to absorb ancient wisdom and to experience varied cultures. All of this developed a powerful background for her knowledge base as it relates to life and living, yet for Gaile, it has all been distilled down to one single perspective: There’s really nothing to do and nowhere to get to. It’s just about giving the mind a break from running the show. It's all an inside job! Gaile is writing her first book due in December 2016. It’s titled "Thank You For Breaking Up With Me", which was born out of an epiphany during a challenging break-up of her own. This book is both a fun and profound exploration of consciousness, and how break-ups can happen sans drama & trauma and actually reveal incredible blessings. You can visit her website at www.gailelynn.com


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